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Traditional Compresded Air Systems has over 30 years' worth of experience in supplying a comprehensive and ever expanding range of both genuine and manufactured to fit compressor and vacuum parts for most of the world’s leading manufacturers.

From our suppliers warehouse’s from the different parts of the world, our 25000 stock lines include manufactured to fit parts for most rotary screw, rotary vane and piston compressor manufacturers as well as a full range of compressor and vacuum lubricants, in-line filter elements, condensate service kits and electronic drains.

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What You Need To Know

“ Traditional Air Systems source the highest quality aftermarket replacement parts from manufactures across the globe to supply in south africa. The variety of aftermarket manufactures for parts is much larger than with OEM, thus allowing for many companies producing your parts. This allows for competition forcing these manufacturers to raise their quality and standards as high possible to gain trust from you”

Our Capabilities

Our network of suppliers technical libraries enables our sales team to have instant access to a database of information enabling them to provide answer’s to most of  your technical questions, & ensuring that we deliver the correct part on time every time!

Our commitment to quality is unrivalled in the industry with many of our parts supplied by the O.E.M and when supplying our manufactured to fit parts all are manufactured to ISO9002 and are covered by our no quibble product warranty scheme.



Air Compressor South Africa has a focused approach to providing innovative compressor, compressed related products which will both add value and increase productivity within the southern African Compressed Air sector. With intimate knowledge of the South African Compressor industry, combined with engineering and manufacturing expertise bring a winning combination to the fore at Traditional Compressed Air Systems.

Traditional Compressed Air Systems’ primary objective is to provide to our customers a single source supply for reliable, quality compressed air solutions with in the South African Market

We are firmly committed to a policy of continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services provided.

Providing cost effective solutions.