Compressor Service Overview


Oil Top up, Changing of Air Filter and oilf filter.



Changing out of - Air Filter, Oil Filter, Separator Element, Lip Rings and Sight Glase , Oil .


Piston Servic'S
Minor Service Includes - Topping up of Oil & Changing The Air Filter

Major Service - Chainging Of Valves & Gaskets, Oil Filter and changing of Oil

Piston 2.2 -7.5kw Servic'S
Traditional Air Systems, services all Ranges of Fini and NUAIR Piston compressors.


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Compressor Servicing

Traditional Compressed Air Systems has vast of experience of the compressed air, industry Supply air Compressors in South Africa. We are able to help our clients with a range of services to meet their compressors needs whether it be for regular maintenance services or complicated repair we are able to help you with your FINI & Nu Air Compressors

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